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Price List

If your home doesn’t quite match one of these categories, call, I will quickly quote a price, less stress is better! Unusual configurations handled with ease.

Standard residential: Buyer’s home inspection or seller’s Move-In Certified inspection:
500-1300 square feet $350,
1300-2200 square feet $395,
2200-3000 square feet: $475
3000-4000 square feet: $550
Above 4000 square feet: call for price quote

Outbuildings have a modest additional cost if you’d like them also inspected.

100 percent buyback guarantee through InterNachi is included at no additional cost.

Low income first time home buyer’s discounted inspection: If you have never owned a home before and your family income is below $60,000 per year, as a public service I offer deeply discounted inspection services: $275 for a home of 1300 square feet or less.

Duplex/multiplex inspection: additional $250 per additional unit on a shared foundation, up to 1000 square feet each additional unit). Additional units above 1000 square feet (each): $300

Manufactured home discount inspection: Single wide, $275, double wide under 1200 square feet $275

Inspection plus New rental owner consultation: call for details

Single system inspection, construction documentation inspection: $175 I have experience with construction draw documentation inspections

Re-inspection to address report items: $75 (in-town)

Outside Eugene/Springfield, there will be a modest mileage charge, I’m delighted to serve everyone but it takes both time and expenses to cover a wider area, just let me know where your home is and we will agree on a modest price adjustment.