Voice/Text: 541-337-6721

Exceptional Service

Speedy, Friendly, Low-stress

Exceptional service is the goal: I generally return text messages in 10 minutes or less during weekdays and evenings. If I’m driving I pull over so
 I can respond right away. Easy-to-read reports, Color coded for immediate attention items. You and your realtor get the full color report, 
straight to your inbox at the end of the inspection. My reports might cost a little bit more and I hope you’ll agree that frustration-free speedy service is worth it! If you like, you can accompany me during an inspection. I also provide seller’s reports: You can identify and complete needed repairs at your convenience and let buyers know the house is ‘Move in Certified’ with the lawn sign I’ll provide. Plus, you’re welcome to 
contact me with questions as long as you own the home.